Thursday, 20 September 2012

Snaps From History Part II

Ted Drake's Influence

In 1952 ex-Arsenal centre forward took over the reigns of management at Chelsea. Drake not only helped to guide the team to their first ever league Championship but also oversaw the construction of a totally new Chelsea FC.

Ridding Chelsea of the pensioners crest and the nickname that accompanied it, Drake turned Chelsea FC from a relatively amateurish institution into Championship winning material.

Drake, for the first time, introduced scouting reports and new training regimes focusing on fitness and ball work. The clubs tendency to spend erratically on big names was also halted and Drake's knowledge of the lower league players was put to good use. Lesser known, more reliable players were introduced. The likes of John McNichol, Frank Blunstone, Derek Saunders, Jim Lewis and Peter Sillett bought some consistency and by 1953 Chelsea FC were experiencing there most successful period in history (Until Jose!).
Looks like we have one thing to thank Arsenal for!



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